If CMS are targeting you over zealously for arrears whether those arrears are accurate or not, please read on...

Firstly, take a breath, step back and realise these key things:

  • You are very definately NOT alone

  • We are VERY DEFINATELY going to tackle this problem

  • There is help out there to keep you from sinking, reach out and stay strong (see section for help resources)

  • You can find your inner lion, stay busy, stay healthy and fight back by being part of this campaign

We need to capture your experience and register your risk status, with your permission.  We know there are many thousands of you going through this right now, so we have to capture that feedback in a structured manner.  Access the at risk survey here, designed to capture your experience which will help us to quantify the level of need and urgency, which in turn will help us to tackle this problem and get help to those who's need is most urgent.  

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